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Hello and welcome to the June shop update. There's lots in this shop update as we always dye a lot up for the Open Studio plus we have been dyeing more since so even if you visited us there is lots of new yarn to check out.

In the last month my son has also finished his GCSEs and is currently on his second induction day for 6th form. My daughter loved going to The Globe over half term. No shows this month, next one up is Summer Wool Festival which is in the same location as Fibre East used to be, Ampthill School, Bedfordshire. 

I'm keeping this intro short this month as there is a lot else to put in the newsletter. Lots of Summery Silk blends and sock yarns including bundles for the WestKnits Sockalong which I'm really looking forward to. I think I've decided which colourway to go for...

The preview page is all up, there's Bliss Heavy Lace, Cloudgazer, Lustrous, Slinky Twist, Wriggle, Enchant and Bloom DK as well as the yarn bundles for the Sockalong and my Spring Flower Sock kits. Do check out the important news on Dye to Order as well in this update!




Important Dye to Order News

I have put Dye to Order back on the website until 14th August when it will become only the current collection and a selection of semi solids only. Please order now and any other requests do get in touch.




Colour Poppertunity Yarn Bundles

I have created these three yarn bundles for the upcoming Westknits Sockalong which starts 9th July. These are all dyed and ready to post so you will get them in plenty of time for the start. Will you go Mermaid, Dodo or Heather?


Crush - Colour Poppertunity Yarn Bundle "Mermaid"
37.5 GBP
Crush - Colour Poppertunity Yarn Bundle "Heather"
37.5 GBP
Crush - Colour Poppertunity Yarn Bundle "Dodo"
37.5 GBP



 Spring Flower Socks Kit


Get your kit for these fun, helical striped socks. The pattern includes lots of tips for helical stripes which is a great technique to know, not just for clever jogless stripes but also for blending two skeins of hand dyed yarn without having to remember to carry it up the side!







 Laceweight Yarns



Bliss Heavy Lace

This is my favourite Bluefaced Leicester based laceweight yarn. Slightly thicker than the Lustrous Lace but still containing a nice amount of silk and added sheen from the BFL. It blocks beautifully! Measuring 600m per 100g its suitable for most laceweight patterns but do watch out for larger projects that need most or more than one skein you have enough. All these are non repeatable colourways with a strong summer vibe - great for a light weight wrap to keep the evening chill off!



We haven't had any new Cloudgazer for a while so we have decided to try it out again and see how popular it is. This is an alpaca based alternative to Floof and great to use on its own or held with another yarn





Fingering weight yarns



Top up of our most popular Enchant colourways including Lulworth Cove which previously sold out before it got on-line. If the colourway you need isn't available do check out the Dye to Order section.





A lovely merino silk blend in lovely summery non repeatable colourways. Great for warm weather projects and the silk is smooth and cool to use as well as wear!


Lustrous - Seafoam
25 GBP
Lustrous - Sakura
25 GBP
Lustrous - Summer Rain
25 GBP



The Octagon

The last two skeins of the popular show colour from Buxton Wool Gathering on Selkino. This colourway (like all our show colours) won't be repeated so don't miss out.

 Slinky Twist

Another lovely silk merino blend, this time with extra twist. This high twist yarn has lovely stitch definition as well as being strong enough for socks which is great is you prefer to avoid the nylon in may sock yarns. These are all non repeatable colourways mostly in very small batches. Great for smaller projects or combining with other colours for a larger project. Just a note about the Flowing Water colourway - all 4 skeins were dyed together but one is visibly slightly darker. I'm sure it wouldn't notice in a larger project if alternated with the other skeins but I did want to make sure you were aware before buying. This is part of the nature of it being hand dyed yarn and I would always recommend alternating skeins on larger projects if the variation will bother you.




We haven't dyed any Wriggle for a while since we stopped offering it as a base for repeatable colourways. It is a lovely yarn however and fills a gap for people who prefer a 100% wool singles yarn rather than the merino silk blend in Selkino. We have decided to see how popular it is as non repeatable colourways and will start bringing a small amount to shows again. I hope you enjoy this first batch! Check out the website for the full set


Wriggle - Campfire
24 GBP
Wriggle - Mill Stream
24 GBP
Wriggle - Vintage Books
24 GBP



DK weight yarns




Bloom DK

Just in case you are based in a cooler climate, or want to make a head start on your autumn projects, we have dyed a little Bloom DK. This is another lovely Bluefaced Leicester yarn which is soft, bouncy and nice and warm.


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What's are we up to over the next few months:

Thank you for reading this long update, I hope there is something to inspire you for your next project.

Take care, keep cool and enjoy your crafting!

Rachel x

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