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Royal Mail price changes April 02 2014, 0 Comments

31st March - the joy of the annual changing of Royal Mail prices.

But there's a bit of good news this time - some prices have gone down.

So although I've had to put my price for a small UK parcel up to 750g up a bit, the good news is that I've been able to REDUCE the price of a medium parcel up to 2kg.


European prices for sizes up to 250g (most parcels) STAY THE SAME. Larger parcels have gone up a little.

Rest of World prices for sizes up to 250g (most parcels) STAY THE SAME. There's a small increase for parcels in the 250-750g range, but I've been able to REDUCE the largest size by whole £1.

I've adjusted the dollar rates to be in line with today's rates, which unfortunately wipes out any decreases for customers buying in $US, so the price for you, will in effect, mostly stay the same.

Having created spreadsheets for these changes and manually amended all the prices in the shop from Gibraltar to Greenland, I hope the prices remain the same until at least this time next year!

I feel a bit like the Chancellor giving the Budget speech - but here is a summary of current prices which you can always find in the Delivery section of the shop.

UK - Royal Mail 1st class

  • 0-49g          -   £1.10
  • 50-750g       -   £3.20
  • 751g-2kg     -   £5.30

Europe - Airmail

  • 0-99g          -   £2.95
  • 100-250g     -   £3.45
  • 251-500g     -   £4.95
  • 501-750g     -   £6.25
  • 751-1kg       -   £7.95
  • 1.01kg-2kg   -   £13.50

Rest of the World - Airmail

  • 0-99g           -    £3.50 (approx $5.80)
  • 100-250g      -    £4.50 (approx $7.50)
  • 251-500g      -    £7.95 (approx $13.25)
  • 501-750g      -    £10.50 (approx $17.50)
  • 750-1kg        -    £13.50 (approx $22.50)
  • 1.01kg-2kg    -    £24.00 (approx $40)

Now there just needs to be hand-dyed in the shop to buy! Keep an eye out tomorrow - I have a few skeins which I plan to add to the shop throughout the day - not a huge amount. And then I'm taking a week's Easter break until April 14th.