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From sheep to woven fabric project comes full circle February 10 2014, 2 Comments

You may remember a rather lovely project I was working on with a London textile designer to produce a book cover using irregular hand-dyeing techniques to mimic the effect of the piecemeal application of stock marker sprays by farmers on sheep.

The idea was originally conceived by design guru, Peter Saville, in his role as consultant to Danish textile firm, Kvadrat. He saw the bright, almost DayGlo colours of sheep markings as a kind of rural graffiti.

Well, look what arrived over the weekend. Isn't it stunning?

There's even a page on the dyeing and weaving process.

To see how my role in the project came about and the process involved, see this blogpost from July.

To read more about the book, see more photos from it and listen to Peter Saville talk about Kvadrat and how the cover came about, check out this review.