Why I like Skein Queen

Here are some of the nice things people have to say about Skein Queen


It's all about the extras. The extra stories about your colour inspirations, the extra care you take in matching your packaging to the yarn, the extra special totally superb customer service you offer, the extra insight into your world of running a small yarn business – and the extra courage you had to make that dream come true for yourself. Every Skein Queen package feels like getting a gift, even when I’ve paid for it myself ! And that’s a real skill.

Heather | Customer


Love the thought that you put in to naming yarn colourways – they always raise a smile and spark imaginative ideas for projects. Especially love the amazing array of colours – every mood is there, from dark and brooding to bright and cheerful.

Pat | Customer


Every shop update fills us with anticipation - what has the Queen of the Skeins come up with now? What project could I use that for? I know, I'll buy it just in case I need it!! When that package makes its way onto our doormat, you can be sure that there will be a loud Squeeeee of delight....the beauty of the yarn! The subtle transition of the colours! The thoughtful presentation! A knitter's dream come true......

Denise | Customer


SQ continues to bring me something new and fresh - reinvigorating my obsession each time.

Ros | Customer