About Skein Queen

Skein Queen is a small independent artisan yarn dyeing business established in June 2007 and run by myself, Debbie Orr. 

Eliza Robson, the Studio Assistant, joined in 2015 and is a yarn-winder extraordinaire and helps with yarn labelling and parcel dispatching. 

Skein Queen started out as a small Etsy shop run on a part-time basis. The luxury hand-dyed yarn proved popular amongst customers in the UK, the States and throughout the world and we soon moved to our first website and online shop, and I've been working full-time as Skein Queen since 2009.

In March 2017, we moved from an attic studio to a bigger dyeworks at World's End in deepest Berkshire which is perfect for our online business.

A couple of times a year, we travel to yarn shows all over the UK and occasionally in Europe and enjoy meeting old and new customers and friends.

Above all, I love colour and wanted to go to art school in my younger days but went with my other love - literature and words - and worked in publishing for many years.

Dyeing yarn gives me a creative outlet and allows me to experiment in colour as a textile artisan. I love seeing how the colours blend during the process, how different yarn types take up the dye, how the colours magically mix up during reskeining and finally how they knit up into the finished project.

Many of the hand-dyed skeins are unique, one-off colourways so your knitted or crocheted item will also be a unique, one-off creation.

My greatest wish is that Skein Queen yarn gives you a little frisson of excitement about the projects you want to create.