About Skein Queen

Skein Queen is a small independent artisan yarn dyeing business established in June 2007 by Debbie Orr.

I joined Skein Queen in January 2018 when I returned to work after a break while I was caring for my two children and studying for a second degree in Geoscience, for fun. Before that I worked in Software Engineering so this is rather a career change. I love knitting shawls and will tackle pretty much any knitting technique although I'm yet to actually steek a garment. My favourite yarn is Flockly as its just so squooshy.  My favourite colours are blues and purples but I seem to be developing a love of bright green since working with Eliza.

I took over from Debbie in April 2019 when she decided it was time to go and explore new creative avenues and now Eliza and I continue dyeing yarn at the studio in Berkshire.


Eliza Robson, the Senior Studio Assistant, joined in 2015, has a degree in Biochemistry and is a right-hand woman and a brilliant dyer as well as yarn-winder extraordinaire, yarn labeller and parcel dispatcher. Eliza is an aspiring knitwear designer and enjoys knitting hats because they are quick and can incorporate pretty much any pattern. She loves bright teal and isn't so keen on pastels.