The Queen's Surprise Club

Be inspired and intrigued by something new on your doorstep every six weeks. Skein Queen will dye up a unique colourway on a different yarn base each time and deliver it to you.

The Queen’s Surprise Club, run on a three-installment subscription over four months, offers colourways inspired by a particular book each time. Club members can choose their preference from semi-solid or variegated colourways and whether they’d like to receive one or two skeins each month. It’s all about the yarn – so no extras other than a colourway inspiration sheet.

Spaces are limited. Once the club is sold out, membership will not be available until the next club in four months. Prices range from £66-£127 depending on your location, how many skeins you choose and includes shipping.

Summer club spaces have all been reserved. But if you'd like to be added to the waiting list for the Autumn club, drop me an email at