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Hello and welcome to another newsletter. This month seems to have gone even faster than usual, I wonder if its because of the lovely summer weather that has arrived here?

We actually seem to have yarn suitable for the weather tonight, which makes a change, although I accept no responsibility if the predicted thunderstorms do materialise.

This month we have dyed up some of our most summery lace weight - Limerick Lace - as well as lovely silky Lustrous. Either is great to knit with when its warmer as the silk and linen content feels cooler to the hand than pure wool. If socks are you summer project of choice then we have Entwist, a lovely all natural, high twist sock yarn.

If you are starting projects to wear later in the year then we have the more of our lightest weight custom spun yarn - Voluptuous Skinny - a fingering weight Exmoor Blue and Merino yarn, and some Cloudgazer which although being fluffy with alpaca and silk makes for lovely open garments that are super light to wear.

All the yarn is uploaded to the website already so if you would like to go straight to the preview page you can use the button below, otherwise read on for my descriptions of the yarn types.

Take care and stay safe.

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Limerick Lace


A relatively new base to our range this is a blend of 50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Silk and 25% Linen. Dyed up as semi solids it has a beautiful heathery appearance because the dyes we use are not taken up by the linen. It feels crisp to touch when new but linen softens with use so the drape will get better and better.



Lustrous is a fingering weight yarn made from 50% Silk and 50% Merino. Silk is a natural thermal regulator so will keep you cool in summer and warmer in winter making this yarn great for garments you want to get lots of wear throughout the seasons.




Socks make great projects for warm weather, even if you don't feel like wearing them at the moment. They are small and portable so great for taking outside and generally don't lay in your lap much keeping you cooler. Entwist is a 100% merino sock yarn with a high twist making it nice and hard wearing while still being all natural fibres. If you do want to wear socks in warmer weather its still best to avoid cotton as it has no natural elasticity so will stretch out of shape and not bounce back like wool.


Voluptuous Skinny

Custom spun for Skein Queen, Voluptuous is a springy, woollen, non-superwash yarn which blooms slightly when washed. This is the fingering weight version which is perfect for lighter weight cardigans, scarves, hats, sweaters and blankets.



Cloudgazer is a fluffy cloud-like yarn which results in a soft, hazy fabric. Use on its own or hold together with another yarn to produce an interesting texture. When knitted with larger needles its produces a lovely open fabric that is very light.


Yarnfest Pop up Shop

Our next pop-up shop at Yarnfest in Hermitage is 23rd to 29th July. Do pop along and take this opportunity to see our yarn in person. If there is anything in particular you would like to see do let either myself or Sue at Yarnfest know and I will see what I can do.


Thank-you for reading this newsletter. Look out for information on an extra shop update and an exciting knit a long happening soon. In the mean time, stay safe, enjoy the sun and keep crafting.
Rachel x