January 2024 Shop Update January 25 2024, 0 Comments

First I need to start with an apology if you saw my social media posts last night, clearly my brain had already gone to bed as they mostly are Hearty, not Crush. They are now all correct on the website.

Other than that, this month has been busy with lots of sale orders at the beginning of the month so the shelves are looking a little bare, but that has given us space for this new batch of yarn.

Outside of SQ I seem to have mostly spent this month taking my son to the dentist after he fell over and hit his face. Fingers crossed today is the last visit for a while!

At home, I started the year by going through my knitting project pile, and have decided I need to get it under control. I've frogged one scarf I was never going to finish and have put all the single socks together so I can grab one of those rather than start a new one! I'm going to post more about this is a blog post soon. This year I am trying to use the blog more as its a better place for longer pieces of me wittering on I can refer back to than emails. Let me know if there is anything you would like to read about. So far there is a Free Pattern Friday review post for the Frankie Hat.

There is still some Voluptuous DK to hopefully go online, read on to find out all the details of everything else and make sure you check back later to see the Voluptuous DK. This month there is Crush, Hearty, Desire Marble, Bloom DK, Voluptuous DK and a few odd skeins of other bases.

Repeatable Colourways


We have dyed some popular colours on Crush this month and will be restocking the other standard bases - Crush DK, Lustrous Lace, Enchant, Enchant DK and Selkino - over the next month before Unravel so if you want anything do use the Dye to Order section as we may either have it in stock but not on the website or be dyeing some anyway so you shouldn't have long to wait. During a tidy of my office at the beginning of the month I found a solitary skein of Sock Club yarn left over from May 2021! I hope someone can give it a good home.


New! Crush 50g Skeins

I have introduced 50g skeins for Crush under the Dye to Order section because as I have been designing more socks I have found 2 x 50g skeins are more practical so I wanted to offer a more personalised and cost effective way for you to get yarn for these patterns without restricting you to the duets we had before. I will look at getting paper copies of my sock patterns on the website but in the meantime they are available digitally on PayHip.


Laceweight Yarn


Not a lot of laceweight this month, but someone at the Open Studio did request Floof in Foxholes - Its here! Also a non-repeatable lovely warm orange/red Floof and a very pretty one of a kind Bliss Heavy Lace. I don't think these will hang around for long.


DK Weight Yarn


DK Bloom

Its no secret that I love Bluefaced Leicester yarns and this one is no exception. A lovely DK weight 100% Bluefaced Leicester yarn which would be perfect for cold weather accessories like hats and cowls. These rich, saturated colours are great for adding something extra special to your wardrobe and as they are all non-repeatable it will make your project unique!


Fingering Weight Yarn



Desire Marble

This is a skooshy superwash merino which has been spun with a darker fibre for parts of one ply giving an interesting marbled effect. Super soft feel suitable for hats, scarves, gloves or whole garments.




This is a Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn which I love. I think its harder wearing than Crush and just as soft. The dyes tend to spread out a tiny bit more giving softer edges and blended bits. Great for socks but can be used for any fingering weight pattern.


Pompom Magazines

I'm sure you have seen that the most recent issue of Pompom is sadly going to be their last. I have a few copies of this and other recent issues I will be uploading to the website in the next 2 days. We still have stock of many back issues. Do take a look as they are out of stock in many places already.




Upcoming Events

What's are we up to over the next few months:

  • 13th February - Mitred Square Workshop, Buick Mackane
  • 23rd - 25th February - Unravel, The Maltings, Farnham
  • 28th February - Shop Update
  • 9th - 10th March - East Anglia Yarn Festival, Norfolk Showground Arena

Thank you for reading another long shop update! I'm really looking forward to 2024 and all the things i have planned for the year. I just need to remember I don't tell you about all of them at once. I hope to see many of you at some point this year. Take care and keep crafting!

Rachel x

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