Pause to EU orders from 24th June June 18 2021, 0 Comments

I have been hoping not to have to write this post, but as its almost the end of June already and the vat changes within the EU begin on 1st July unfortunately I feel I have no option as small businesses in the UK currently cannot directly access the IOSS. I have several plans for continuing sales to the EU but at the moment I'm waiting on further information as to when different options will be available. I am deeply frustrated by the situation and hate disappointing you all by doing this but I don't want your precious parcels to be stuck in customs or you to receive large bills for vat and charges due.

To make sure all parcels are in the post before 1st July I will be stopping orders to the EU on the 25th June. Please contact me before placing a preorder before this date. Don't forget we have several lovely stockists in the EU as well so see if there is one near you.

I will post an update with the plan for starting EU orders again as soon as possible and I am hoping this pause will only be for a few weeks while systems are implemented and the new arrangements settle down.

Thank-you to everyone for you patience, Rachel x