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Hello and welcome to everyone who signed up to this newsletter at Unravel. The last week has certainly been eventful. I hope everyone who came to the show had a great time. It was lovely to be back at a real event and get to chat to people, see what you have been making over lockdown and help plan your next project. The reduced numbers of tickets really helped make this happen as we had more time to talk. Hopefully this will be the first of more shows this year. The only downside was the weather was trying its hardest to make us think we were there in February still, with howling winds and torrential rain. I have finally dried out what I was wearing Saturday!

Its been hectic trying to do the shop update for this week, I could have done with May being longer so it could have been put back to next week but I think we have managed. Approximately 45kg of new yarn will be available tonight.

The bases we have tonight are Crush - Standard and one off colours, Flockly, Little Wrigglers, Enchant, Floof, Exquisite Twist, Sonsie DK, Lustrous Lace, Squash and Slinky Twist. Some of these are new and weren't on the stand at the weekend, others there might be slightly fewer skeins than usual so do check the description.

If you would like to go straight to the preview page for the shop update you can use the button below, otherwise read on for my descriptions of the yarn types.

Take care and stay safe.

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This was the Crush wall at Unravel - we managed to dye up almost every one of our standard colourways to take to the show. With 70 colours that's quite a lot of Crush, but I do think it looked great. This does mean that we will have almost every colour on the website but if your favourite sold out, or you want a bigger quantity or different base, don't forget we have them all on dyed to order on 4 different bases. This is especially good if you are wanting a garment quantity as we will dye all the skeins in one batch to minimise variations.

There are also some non-repeatable colours which are super special as there will only ever be a maximum of 4 skeins because we didn't write the recipe down.


Lace Weight Yarns


A fluffy cloud-like yarn which results in a soft, hazy fabric. Use on its own or hold together with another yarn to produce an interesting texture. There are 5 semi-solid colourways and 5 of our standard colourways available - these look slightly different on Floof because of the texture and the fibre content, but match the colourway on other bases.

Lustrous Lace

A lustrous combination of silk and merino in equal balance resulting in a super soft lace weight yarn with a lovely drape ideal for shawls, scarves and garments. Semi-solid and variegated colourways available but all non-repeatable.


Luxury Yarns


The dream combination of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere makes this a super-soft yarn with a slight halo yet beautiful sheen. A real treat to knit with and perfect for those extra special projects.


Slinky Twist

A high twist merino yarn blended with silk that absorbs the dye beautifully. This can be used for a variety of projects and has a lovely sheen but the high twist also makes it suitable for socks and is nylon free.

Sock Yarns


Squash is squidgy and machine washable. The amount of twist means it can be used as a sock yarn and is a good choice if you prefer to avoid nylon. Also great for shawls, accessories and garments.

Exquisite Twist

A high twist sock yarn that absorbs the dye beautifully. Consists of beautifully soft merino and cashmere with nylon for strength. A really nice combination of fibres.

Sonsie DK


Custom spun for Skein Queen, Sonsie is a bouncy, woollen, non-superwash yarn which blooms slightly when washed. Perfect for cardigans, scarves, hats, sweaters and blankets.

Little Wrigglers


These are little bundles of our 100% merino Wriggle yarn. This soft, smooth single ply yarn is perfect for low-abrasion, indulgent projects such as shawls, scarves and cowls. Each bundle is unique and contains 5 20g mini skeins to add a pop of colour to your project.

Yarnfest Pop up Shop

Our next pop-up shop at Yarnfest in Hermitage is 4th to 10th June. Do pop along and take this opportunity to see our yarn in person. If there is anything in particular you would like to see do let either myself or Sue at Yarnfest know and I will see what I can do.

Thank-you for reading this newsletter. I hope to send an extra one before the next shop update with an exciting little announcement, so keep your eyes open for that. Otherwise enjoy your crafting and stay safe.
Rachel x