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Firstly let me start this newsletter with an apology for everyone who ordered last week and has had to wait longer than usual for their parcels, and everyone still waiting for the Sock boxes. Unfortunately both Eliza and I came down with covid last week, completely coincidentally, so there was no one to pack post for most of the week. All parcels have now been shipped and the sock boxes are now on their way after the pattern has finished tech editing. This is an important step to make sure the pattern makes sense, nothing has been missed out, I haven't called a stitch one thing in one place and something else later on..... you get the idea. It makes the pattern a much better knitting experience so was definitely worth doing properly. I hope you will enjoy knitting the pattern and do let me know what you think. I already have some more patterns in progress.

In other news, its a big day for my daughter today as its her last day at primary school. Been a bit of a funny week with the hot weather meaning short days and the leavers BBQ that was supposed to happen yesterday afternoon turned into a breakfast event instead. Next step is secondary school in September!

Just over a week till Summer Wool Festival, looking forward to seeing lots of you there.

The yarns we have this month are Crush, Lustrous, Squash and Bliss Heavy Lace but don't forget you can preorder any of our repeatable colourways on Crush, Crush DK, Selkino or Lustrous Lace and we will dye it up for you if we don't have what you are looking for in stock.

Everything is already on the website so either jump straight to the preview page or read on for more information. It all goes live at 8pm this evening.

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 Don't forget EU customers can now order from the website and if the order is under €150 the vat is paid at the checkout with no further charges when you receive your parcel. Do share this with your yarn-loving friends in the EU! Customers so far have reported parcels arriving quickly and with no extra worries which is great. You can add tracking to your parcel for extra peace of mind.


Bliss Heavy Lace


Bliss Heavy Lace is a slightly thicker lace weight - 600m per 100g as apposed to 800m - but could probably be substituted for most patterns. Its a Bluefaced Leicester and silk blend which has a lovely sheen and blocks beautifully. Perfect for a nice light weight summer shawl to cover your shoulders.


Fingering Weight



Lustrous is a blend of merino and silk and is lovely and cool to the touch. I have been using this base myself recently for a project to knit during the heat wave when trying to work with mohair was getting difficult! As well as these lovely summery shade to work with now, we also have Lustrous available as an option for the advent calendars this year. Do make sure you order yours soonif you don't want to miss out.


Advent Calendars




Squash has the same structure and merino of Crush, without the nylon. This makes it the perfect choice for many projects including socks and garments if you prefer to avoid manmade fibres as well as being soft and drapy for shawls and other accessoires.




As well as many of your favourite repeatable colours on Crush we also have these three one off colourways. These will be going to Summer Wool Festival at the end of the month so if you want to grab them first now is your chance.


Summer Wool Festival

30th - 31st July 
I'm really looking forward to this show. We were due to be at Fibre East in 2020 which obviously didn't happen, so when Nick managed to arrange this replacement I was very keen to be a part of it. You will find us in the Sports Hall, next to Purlessence.



Thank-you for reading to the end of this newsletter, please don't be disappointed by the slightly smaller update this month, we have plenty of other weights and yarns in stock. If you would like help choosing yarn for your next project do drop me an email. I would love to help. Hope you see you at one of our shows this summer, in the mean time enjoy the slightly cooler weather and keep crafting!

Rachel x