A fair amount of knitting has been going on here... March 19 2015, 1 Comment

It's been a wee while since I posted any actual knitting content in the old blogosphere - when I looked back at recent projects, I realised there were quite a few to show you, if you're interested (and I guess you must be at least vaguely interested if you clicked to land here in the first place).

So, in no particular order;

The Halyard Shawl

Pattern by Tetiana Otruta

Yarn: Skein Queen Flockly in Butterscotch - half a skein

Skein Queen Selkino in Winter Water - half a skein

Knitted by me

Lush cardigan

Pattern by tincanknits

Yarn: Skein Queen Voluptuous in Toffee - one and a half skeins. 

Buttons: by Textile Garden

Knitted by me.

POP cardigan #1


 Pattern by Rachel Atkinson

Yarn: Skein Queen Blissful Plump in Ava Pink - one skein

Buttons: by Textile Garden

Knitted by me, for Baby Ava born on New Year's Day

POP! cardigan #2

Pattern by Rachel Atkinson

Yarn: Skein Queen Blissful Plump in Red Plum - one skein

Buttons: by Textile Garden

Knitted by me as a shop sample

Jazz Hands


 Pattern by Kate Davies

Yarn: Skein Queen Voluptuous Petite - half a skein Shell Rose, half a skein English Damson for a pair.

Knitted by me.

Waffle socks


 Pattern - Hermoine's Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder

Yarn: Skein Queen Entwist - one spatter-dyed skein - 30g left after knitting the pair

Knitted by me

Koigu plain vanilla sock and Koigu cowl

Both improvised patterns knit in Koigu - single sock took one skein.

And the awesome sock model is from Jacksons following its sad demise (check out the reference to "Cruella").

Knitted by me.

Oh No Bear!

Pattern - Oh My Bear! by tinyowlknits but with no bear on the front and no ears.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed - 7 skeins - ran out just at the end, so added a bit of something special to finish off the hood.

Knitting time: 2 weeks - gotta love chunky

Knitted by me, for Lily

Mr Fox

Faux Taxidermy Kit by sincerely louise bought at Unravel

Another quick knit - just a few hours - chunky yarn again - he lives in the studio

Knitted by me.

Pebble Beach


The bottom one (top one is On the Pier in Selkino)

Pattern by Helen Stewart

Yarn: Skein Queen Selkino in St Emilion - one skein

Knitted by Rachel Moutrie as a sample for Unravel and for the shop

Saunton Tides

Pattern by Suzanne Stallard

Yarn: Skein Queen Gotland Rustic in Moss - half a skein

Knitted by Rachel Moutrie for a sample for Unravel and for the shop

Whew! I think it's taken longer to write this blogpost than to knit some of that lot! 

Next up: a Siri cardigan by Linnea Ohman in Emerald Oosie. I think a few of us were inspired to knit one of these beauties having seen a gorgeous yellow example floating round Unravel (one of the best aspects of attending shows - I always get so inspired seeing people's creations being worn). I'd love to get a KAL going on this, so if anyone's interested, do let me know.

I feel like I'm brimming with creativity and ideas at the moment - must be the time of year - and I'm heading off to Cologne, Germany next week in the hope of discovering more ideas, yarns and accoutrements to bring to you in the coming months.

Happy knitting

SQ x