Test Page to Include Collections

It's worth thinking whether your project would look best in a semi-solid colour or variegated yarn.

Usually if you have a lace or cable pattern, a semi-solid colourway will show off the detail of the stitches, but rules are made to be occasionally broken: pick a skein with toning shades and you can add great depth to your knitting.

Random variegation works well with less lacy shawls or socks and all-out short or medium run variegation works well with plain socks, hats, scarves or mittens or why not combine with a white or contrasting semi-solid colour to create some stunning colourwork and really make the colours “pop”.

For short or medium colour run variation, the fewer colours used means more likelihood of “pooling” where the colours collect in certain areas of the knitting. I use at least five colours on all variegated yarns so that the likelihood of pooling is much reduced, but is still dependent on how many stitches you are working with.

Alternatively, many a skein has just been chosen because of its pretty colours and is stashed away until a suitable project comes along.

If you’re looking for a small amount of yarn to combine with a large skein, we occasionally offer Mini Skeins – 10g of Skein Queen yarn. It’s a good way to sample some of the yarns without committing to a larger skein.