Skein Queen is delighted to be able to offer a large selection of her favourite Addi circular needles.

Circular needles can be used for knitting in the round or for straight knitting back and forth - I know I use them for every project - and Addis are known for their perfect joins between the needle and the cable.

Addi Lace

Addi Lace needles are specifically designed for lace knitting as their sharp tips allow smooth manipulation of multiple stitches, but don't just keep them for lace knitting - perfect for sock knitting, or just about any other project you care to use them with. The needles are made from hollow brass with a fine resin to seal the brass enabling good control over fine stitches. The joins between the needles and the cord are ultra smooth allowing for super easy transition of stitches.


Addi Turbo

Addi Turbo Platinum circulars have rounder tips than the Lace needles. The cable is flexible, strong and not prone to coiling. The needles are made from a hollow brass core plated in nickel providing an exceptionally smooth surface for working your stitches.

Addi DPNs

Double pointed, nickel-plated needles. Perfect for knitting socks, gloves and sleeves in the round.