Very Attractive Butterfly Shawl Pin

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Inspired by the beautiful butterflies that frequent their idyllic French garden, Rowena Sweeney and Simon Kidger have created another of their popular magnetic shawl holders.

The butterfly design is cut from 1mm thick stainless steel and the body is made of contrasting brass. This shawl pin is light and secure and can be worn through a considerable thickness of knitting. 

The fastening uses strong N42 magnets which will hold firmly through thick fabrics but not create holes in a dense fabric as a traditional shawl pin may.

The butterfly measures approx. 4.5 cm (1.7") long and and has a 6 cm (2.3") wingspan.The 2 magnets are securely attached to a 5.5cm x 1cm steel strip.Total weight 21g.

Perfect to use as a finishing touch to complete a special shawl - can be used to hold the shawl together or as a decorative accessory.

Worth noting:The use of magnets near or around computers, TV screens, tape recorders, CDs, watches, etc. may cause damage and affect the device's performance. Keep magnets away from credit cards, computer disks and pacemakers.