October 2014 Club

“One lives and one dies. No choice”

This chilling tagline on M.J. Arlidge’s book cover for Eeny Meeny gives a flavour of the darkness contained within the pages.

A sadistic serial killer is abducting pairs of people – lovers, a mother and daughter, work colleagues – and trapping them in isolated locations where there’s no hope of food, water or escape. The only item they are given is a gun with a single bullet and the cold-blooded message:

“When one of you kills the other, the survivor will walk free.”

How long will it be until the animalistic nature of the mind takes over under such psychological and physical stress? Will survival triumph over altruism? Is it better to be the survivor and live with your conscience or is there more freedom in being killed?

Detective Inspector Helen Grace gradually realises that the victims are linked, and there is a connection to her and her actions throughout her career that leads all the way back to her childhood and events she’d rather have forgotten.


Colourway inspiration

A crime novel set in urban Southampton. A riveting tale but not masses of colour inspiration.

This time, I started with the yarn base. Such a dark tale needed a dark yarn base. So I’m introducing you to Yaksino – a heady mix of yak, silk and merino – which comes in a dark grey colour and takes dark, rich colours beautifully.

Deadly Game  

A red car, a red coat, the red-light district and lots of blood. For the semi-solid, there really was only one option – a moody dark red. The grey yarn base has hopefully given it a slightly richer, more muted look than a more usual white base.

Urban Bloodstain

For the variegated colourway, I worked with the dark grey base to represent the urban setting and added some blood red dye randomly and some purple as one of the characters, Hannah Mickery, wears a purple beret with her red mac. This colourway will knit up randomly.