March 2018 Club

Friend Request by Laura Marshall

“Will we hold them for ever, these hurts we bear from our teenage years?”

I’m sure most of us experienced hurt and regret during our formative years – it’s all part of growing up. For the majority, burying your most embarrassing moments deep in your psyche or being able to laugh them off with old friends is usually how we deal with these early experiences, but what if your deepest desire to be in with the popular crowd leads you to do something which could leave you with a criminal record, potentially meaning you lose your family and you are forced to carry this deep and shameful secret around with you for the rest of your life.

Friend Request is a psychological crime thriller which twists and turns through the events of Louise’s life – from the teenage friendships that led up to a critical event at a school disco in 1989 to her broken marriage with her cheating ex-husband, who used to be one of the in-crowd at school.

When Louise receives a friend request from Maria Weston, an old school friend whom she believed to be dead, it leads her to a school reunion back in Sharne Bay in Norfolk. Events take a macabre turn for the worst. Louise feels she’s being watched and followed, and her toddler son is snatched from school. But who holds this vendetta against her? And is Maria Weston still alive?

Colourway inspiration

Parts of the novel took me back to the trepidation, giggles, fun and crazy colours of 1980s school discos. For the variegated colourway, I opted for a grey base (I remember my love of grey clothes in the 80s!) and added pops of pink, neon yellow, blue, purple and red. Typical 80s colours – although some of you will be too young to remember! The colourway is called School Disco.

For the semi-solid colourway, I wanted to capture the emotional turmoil experienced by Louise – a deep, dark purple seemed to capture the churning guilt that colours her life. I called it Turmoil.

A good old sock yarn seemed like the perfect choice to showcase these colourways. Although, anyone fancy knitting a pair of legwarmers?!