August 2017 Club

He Said/She Said - Erin Kelly

During an eclipse festival in Cornwall, Laura witnesses a woman being brutally attacked in the post-eclipse tranquility. The attacker denies it, but Laura defends the victim in court, going as far as telling a little white lie.

The victim, Beth, is entirely grateful for Laura’s support – so much so, she seems to become a little obsessed with Laura and her eclipse-chasing boyfriend, Kit. So, if they’re such good friends, why 15 years later, are Laura and Kit in fear for their lives, in hiding from Beth having changed their names and trying to ensure they have no digital footprint whatsoever?

Laura is pregnant with twins and is crippled by intense anxiety while Kit goes on a trip to the Faroe Islands to witness an eclipse. Because of the predictability of eclipse forecasting, Laura is paranoid that Beth will follow him there and the consequences of her finding him appear to be dire. As a knitter, it was hard not to be distracted by the descriptions of the Faroese sweaters!

It’s difficult to say too much without giving anything away. Suffice to say, Erin Kelly delivers a slow-burning psychological thriller which builds to some unpredictable, shocking plot twists. The themes of truth and trust interweave the pages with exquisite skill, through her flawed characters.


Colourway inspiration

The semi-solid colourway was inspired by the Blood Roses candle that was central to the plot. The rich, deep crimson burgundy is built up from three layers of dye including bright pink, bright red, dark red and black used at different stages of the dyeing process in different proportions.

The variegated colourway is called Eclipse Chasing and takes the deep burgundy maroon from Kit’s Chile ’91 eclipse tshirt and the black, golden yellow and white represent the moon blocking out the sun.

The yarn type is Exquisite Twist which parallels the twists and turns of the plot.