August 2013 Club

The Sea Sisters

The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke was a perfect summer read which whisks the reader to exotic locations as the sensible Katie Greene attempts to discover why her impulsive, lively but troubled sister has ended up dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali – a country that wasn’t even on her travel itinerary.

Katie is certain that Mia wasn’t in a frame of mind to commit suicide, as the police and coroner have concluded, and in her grief, she abandons her job, fiancé and safe life in an attempt to follow in Mia’s footsteps around the world, using her late sister’s detailed travel journal to experience the places as Mia had. She hopes that this journey will help her discover why Mia’s best friend Finn seemingly abandoned her in Australia and answer the question of why she decided to travel to Bali alone.

Despite the beautiful descriptions of the sea and of sisterhood, I couldn’t help wondering why Katie just didn’t read the travel journal from the comfort of her own home in London. I guess there are parts that wouldn’t have been revealed without a personal visit, especially in Hawaii and it’s all part of the grieving and healing process as Katie reminisces over their past and examines their love-hate relationship.

Colourway inspiration


The colours of the sea swirled through the pages of this book, so for the semi-solid option, I dyed up a bright, lagoon turquoise based on a stunning bay we visited on a boat trip over the summer in Greece. Also, the cover of Mia’s journal is described as having a “glimmering sea-blue fabric.”

For the variegated version, I took the funeral speech that Katie made comparing Mia to a rainbow of colour. See the book for a detailed description of what each colour represents in Mia’s life, but they include dazzling indigo, deep violet, vibrant orange, love red, sea green, brilliant yellow and a cool empty blue.

I chose Lustrous silk-merino as the yarn base as it reflects the vibrant colour so beautifully.