April 2017 Club


Paul Morris is in his early 40s and still dining out on a moderately successful novel he wrote just after he left Cambridge University. Unfortunately, this doesn’t pay the bills, so he lives his life free-loading from one friend or acquaintance to the next, conning them into providing accommodation, meals and whatever else he can get for free. He’s a hopeless womaniser with little regard for his partners and has no idea what it takes to form a lasting relationship.

A chance encounter leads to him meeting up with an old university friend, Andrew Hopkins, now a successful lawyer. The last time they met was ten years previously on the Greek island of Pyros, when Paul was so plastered, he was incredibly rude to the party in the bar and Andrew had to help him into a taxi. Not that Paul can remember.

A decade previously, a teenage girl, Jasmine, went missing on the island, and when Andrew invites Paul to dinner, he meets the enchanting widow Alice, who has tirelessly worked to find out what happened to Jasmine all those years ago. Paul wangles himself an invite to join them all for a holiday to the house on the island that Alice rents every year, although this was to be the final year as it was due to be demolished.

From the start, we know there has been a “trail of poison” laid, but which of the self-centred, despicable characters is the liar? I can say no more.

Durrant’s page-turning psychological thriller provided some unexpected plot twists and turns – I only guessed the ending a page or two before the big reveal!

Colourway inspiration

For the semi-solid colourway, near the end, Paul notices how deep, dark blue the swimming pool is and that the sky was a “dark, mean blue”. So I took a dark blue, mixed it with a sky blue and dyed it once. For the second glaze, I used a heavy black. The result is a tonal deepest, darkest blue. Deep Pool represents the dark pool of lies swirling around in the story.

For the variegated colourway, I wanted a Mediterranean feel and as the Greek garden was fairly central to the novel, I’ve taken inspiration from it. I started with a pale aqua and applied to the yarn, ensuring it allowed some of the white to remain. Then speckled it with a bright geranium/hibiscus/bougainvillea pink, a dusty lavender, lemon yellow and some of the darkest blue. I called it Mediterranean Haze.

The yarn type is Exquisite Twist which seemed appropriate for the big plot twist – the cashmere represents the lifestyle Paul pretends to have and the nylon represents his true financial position.