Welcome to the royal shopping establishment 

Skein Queen has been busy in her royal workshop in deepest Berkshire producing magnificent hand-dyed yarns for your perusal.

New hand-dyed yarn is added to the shop every few weeks. Sign up to the newsletter to find out about when shop updates are taking place.

Each colourway is dyed in small batches and is limited in number. Most colourways are limited edition, so be sure to choose enough yarn for your intended project. We now have 58 repeatable colourways which you'll see come up time and again.

For more information on yarn types and prices, click on the Hand Dyed Yarn tab.

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Last Posting Days Before Christmas

4 December Middle East

7 December Asia and the Far East, Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Malta

10 December Australia, NZ, Greece, Turkey

14 December Canada (though delays following postal strike), USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland

15 December Finland, Sweden

17 December Most other European countries