Oil Slick ringO Mini Stitch Markers

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ringOs Mini are made by Sarah Simmonds of fripperies and bibelots.

ringOs Mini are snag-free ring stitch markers for knitting that glide on and off your needles and won't dangle or tangle in your finer lace and sock yarns.

ringOs Mini are made from lightweight anodised aluminium rings and adorned with beautiful seed beads which are glued in place over the join.

Oil Slick is made from anodised gunmetal grey aluminium rings and matt and shiny AB seed beads to mimic the effect of oil on water.

The red and green rings help to mark the beginning and end of your sock round. The orange rings can help identify the sock gussets or sections of the sock pattern that need to stand out if you need to change to a different chart or pattern. The other coloured rings mark your pattern repeats between the red, orange and green rings. Each standard set comprises of SIXTEEN rings ~ two red, two green, four orange and eight coloured rings. With sixteen rings you have the flexibility to work on two socks at the same time, have two different sock patterns on the go on separate needles or work on one sock with extra rings for pattern repeats.

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