Q. What dyes to you use?

A. I use professional dyes to ensure lightfastness and colourfastness. They are the same dyes that are used for commercial bulk dyeing. Occasionally, I use a little food grade citric acid to exhaust a dye bath. No harmful mordants are required.


Q. Can I reserve yarn?

A. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve yarn that appears in the shop preview. The idea is to give everyone an equal chance to buy the yarn at shop update time.


Q. Do you wholesale to retailers?

A. Due to high demand, I'm currently unable to take any wholesale orders. The best place to buy Skein Queen yarn is here in the shop or in person at shows.


Q. Can you make me a specific colour?

A. Unfortunately, I am unable to take custom orders due to high demand and to the fact that colourways are mostly unique and unrepeatable, but feel free to contact me to make a shop request and you may see your yarn appear in a future update.


Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. I certainly do. Click on Delivery at the bottom of the page for more detailed information.


Q. Do you combine shipping for multiple purchases?


A. Yes of course. If you place an order and then place a subsequent one before the first has been dispatched, then I work out the postage price based on the combined weight of your order and refund any excess.